A woman lies in a treatmen room while having cupping massage performed on her back.

Online Coaching

Woman with athletic physique lifting a medicine ball

Denise Verutis' Personal Training Studio is a unique fitness facility that is home to a variety of practitioners working the fields of Athletic Therapy, Registered Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and Personal and Semi-Private fitness training.  Our unique blend of independent practitioners means that every aspect of your health and wellness can be addressed in a truly private setting with industry experts who are focused on cutting edge, evidence based treatments and training techniques.

Not only are we dedicated to our clients, we also welcome other health and wellness practitioners to join us at the studio to run collaborative workshops and services. 

A woman in athletic attire lifting a weight towards the foreground in a lateral raise.
Young, physically fit woman, with hair neatly pulled back in a pony tail holds an olympic bar loaded with weight plates weighing a total of 90 pounds in front rack posiiton.

Small, diverse group of women exercising as a team.